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Tree Trimming Cost

A routine maintenance practice for many types of trees, tree trimming is generally used by homeowners to improve the aesthetic appeal and enhance the accessibility of their property. The tree maintenance practice carries various risks, including, the possibility of...

Tree Removal Costs

Removing a tree in Philadelphia costs between $400 and $1200 with most property owners spending an average of $750. Extreme tree removals, however, can hit $2000 with low-end small trees costing only $200. You will pay $8 to $15 per foot, with the cost range coming...

Tree Pruning Cost

In Philadelphia, professional tree pruners charge between $75 and $2000 to help property owners with pruning. The average cost, however, ranges from $350 to $650, with property owners paying approximately $450 to prune average-sized trees. The tree pruning cost...
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